Umeshu is a much-loved drink across Japan (Photo: Tomo/CC By SA 2.0)

Otaru Umeshu Festival

Enjoy plum wine and plum-inspired foods in Hokkaido

Mid Apr
Early May
Umeshu is a much-loved drink across Japan (Photo: Tomo/CC By SA 2.0)
Venue: Tanaka Sake Brewing Kikkogura When: Mid Apr - Early May 2023

Each year, Hokkaido's Tanaka Sake Brewing Kikkogura hosts the Otaru Umeshu Festival, which serves as a celebration of this much-loved beverage. Made from steeping unripe ume plums with sugar in alcohol, umeshu has a sweet, slightly sour taste, and can be found all across Japan from bars to convenience stores.

The Otaru Umeshu Festival allows visitors to participate in umeshu tastings, along with offering umeshu varieties for purchase. There's also some unique plum-inspired foods available at the event, including the likes of plum cheesecake, plum vinegar, and plum miso.

Getting there

The Tanaka Sake Brewing Kikkogura is located around 10 minutes on foot from the JR Otaru Station, which is served by the Hakodate Main Line.

For those who opt to drive, there is a small parking lot available on site for 15 vehicles.

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Alena Eckelmann a year ago
The Tanabe area in the south of the Kii Peninsula is known for having a great number of ume orchards. Umeboshi and umeshu is available from many different makers here. The umeshu made at this sake brewery is said to be made from ume fruits harvested in Yoichi Town and Niki Town in the Shiribeshi area, Hokkaido. I did not know that ume was also produced that far north of Japan!