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A Thermal Lake in Niseko

Oyunuma is a thermal lake located in the Niseko highlands on the outskirts of Rankoshi Town. The lake is approximately 50 meters in diameter, and features an extremely hot bubbling center with thick mud around the edges. There is a wooden walkway surrounding the lake allowing you to enjoy the strong smell of sulfur and touch the mud. Interestingly enough, you can view insects buzzing around and living on the surface of the lake despite it being 60º Celcius plus. On the other side of the walkway is a small clear water pool with a "blue hole" in the middle, pumping out extremely cold, clear water, right beside the extremely hot, mud pool. To access Oyunuma, take Hwy 58 from Kutchan, and make a left onto Hwy 66. Alternatively, take Hwy 207 from Rankoshi town.