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Shinsennuma Marsh

A Beautiful Natural Recreation Forest

Hidden in the mountains of Niseko is the strikingly beautiful Shinsennuma Marsh Natural Recreation Forest. The marsh land and surrounding forest features beautiful seasonal flowers, spectacular mountain views, and tranquil lakes. As you walk around the raised wooden board walkways, you are surrounded my lush foliage and the echo of local bird life. The road to the forest is closed during winter as the snow completely covers the region, making it only accessible during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. Autumn is particularly busy with coach loads of tourists flocking to view the magnificent autumn color reflecting off the lake. Take Hwy 58 from Kutchan and make a right onto Hwy 66 to access the marsh which is open from 07:00 ~ 18:00. The car park features an information center which serves ramen, and sells local souvenirs and is equipped with toilets.

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