Sapporo Snow Festival

Art meets snow in Hokkaido

Early - Mid
Venue: Odori Park When: Early - Mid Feb 2021
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is a festival held annually in Sapporo, Hokkaido. It lasts over a week and is usually held in Susukino and Tsudome areas.

The Snow Festival stretches out across Odori Park, starting from the Sapporo TV Tower with a large skating rink. From the top of the tower, the festival spans beneath in glittering lights and white snow. Builders come from all over the world to create their pieces at the festival, and some of the most talented teams compete in the International Snow Sculpture Contest.

Millions of people from around the world come to see the snow sculptures that make Odori Park a winter wonderland.

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Elena Lisina 9 months ago
Great art! Nice to visit, especially on good weather! :D
Sherilyn Siy 9 months ago
Makes you wonder how much time and effort went into the sculptures. Would love to see this.
Kim B a year ago
The level of detail is incredible!
Chris 2 years ago
Love this! Can't wait to go again! Very amazing displays