Yosakoi Soran Festival in Sapporo

The infectious energy of Japanese dance

By R.S. Reynolds    - 1 min read
Venue: Odori street When: Early Jun 2021
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

Sapporo’s Yosakoi Soran Festival proved to be a conundrum at first. Yosakoi, meaning “Come at night,” is celebrated throughout the country and it’s hard to imagine another city matching the passion displayed by those in Sapporo. JapanTravel is about granular content, so how could a broad description of this energetic experience suffice? It seems antithetical. Then, in an instant, it hits me. Standing along the streets lining Odori Park in the center of the city, any semblance of cynicism is obliterated by the sheer joyfulness exuded by the dancers as they feverishly move in unison to a modern version of the Awa Odori, a traditional summer dance. It’s in that moment where, for a split second, my eyes lock with one of the festival’s participants and we smile warmly at one another and then, the moment is gone. And what’s more granular than that?

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Novia Mardasari a month ago
I like the costume, bright and nice :)
Elena Lisina 3 years ago
What month is this festival? Very colorful!