Yubari's Takinoue Park

Quiet park with beautiful ravines

By Amanda Ho    - 2 min read

A search on the internet for Takinoue Park would show countless results on the popular park known for its pink moss (or shibazakura in Japanese) in central Hokkaido, Monbetsu, just two hours drive north of Asahikawa. However, not many know of another beautiful park of the same name in Yubari City, and you have to search the words “Takinoue Park Yubari” before getting information on this little known but beautiful park.

Just a ten minute drive from the nearest roadside station (rest stops for drivers), or a five minute walk from JR Takinoue Station, this park is an amazing place for a quiet and peaceful day out to spend with friends or families. Lots of nature can be seen in the park. Over the years, the Yubari River has created many interesting unusual rock formations. Chidorigataki waterfalls is an amazing sight with falls of many sizes and powerful speeds of falling water. There is also a pretty suspension bridge, from which the waterfalls can be viewed.

Takinoue Park is best visited during the autumn season, which usually starts from the beginning or middle of October. Parking is free of charge, and local products are sometimes sold near the parking area.

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