Awaji Hanasajiki Park

A sea of fragrant yellow flowers in spring

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On the hilltops of Awaji Island overlooking Osaka Bay there is a park named Awaji Hanasajiki. In March broad sweeps of yellow rape blossom (nanohana in Japanese) burst into bloom. There's something thrilling about mass plantings of the same blooms. It's a very beautiful sight.

Grass art
Grass art

I visited there in March 2016, and enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours wandering along paths through the flowers, posing for and taking photos, and checking out the souvenirs and farm fresh produce on sale there. A wooden observation deck offers a 360 degree view the park, and there is an information center and a rest area with rustic wooden tables and benches.

Besides the rape blossom, I saw narcissus and pretty purple murasaki-hanana (looks like lunaria but is actually a relative of the rape blossom) which was just beginning to bloom. I discovered that there are various flowers to enjoy at the park throughout most of the year.


Spring flowers

The rape blossom starts of spring, blooming from early March to mid April. From late March to late April, the purple murasaki-hanana creates a fabulous contrast to the yellow rape blossom. From late March to early May multi-colored linnaria comes into its own, closely followed by poppies in mid April to mid May.

Octopus flower art
Octopus flower art

Summer flowers

Summer brings three foot tall verbena from June to July, pretty cleomes in various shades of pink from early July to mid August, and sunflowers from mid July to late August. You can also see white soba bossoms (buckwheat) blooming from early July through to late September.

Autumn flowers

Red, white and blue stripes of salvia from the beginning of September to the end of October carry the park into autumn. The salvia is joined by cosmos, including a rare yellow variety as well as the usual pinks and whites, from early October to early November.

Winter flowers

Even winter has its flowers at Awaji Hanasajiki. From mid November through to late February visitors can enjoy beds of sweet, spicy scented stock. I'd like to see that because I love this old fashioned flower!

The park covers and area of about 15 hectares, and is surrounded by rural land. It is open from 9 am until 5 pm daily except for the Year-end and New Year holiday. There is no entrance fee, and there is also free car parking.

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Nice feature. Bright photos.
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Thanks Victoria!