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Cheers to the Spring Sunshine

Brilliant flowers celebrating spring on Awaji Island

In April 2014, I crossed the Great Akashi Strait Bridge to visit Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture, which is known as Flower Island.

Awaji Yumebutai (literally: Awaji Dream Stage) is a gigantic complex which consists of Akashi Strait National Government Park, Yumebutai Green House, Yumebutai International Conference Hall, a hotel, a promenade garden, an open-air theater and so forth. In this photo story, I'd like to introduce the Akashi Strait National Government Park and a green house named 'Miracle Planet Museum of Plants'. Both places bustle with visitors year round. Especially at this time of year, soft spring light enhances the tender texture of the flowers. Tulips looked radiant as though they were brimming with bright spring sunshine.

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