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Have a slice of the organic life

By Hitoshi Kawai    - 3 min read

Do you ever have yearnings of a life, free of chemicals? One that is in tune with nature and the four seasons?

The organic, chemical free food movement is one that helps you to live a pure and clean life, and so in my journey I am always looking for innovative places that are true to nature, and what’s more, deliver delicious organic food with great service. Considering organic farmers need to work 160% harder to make 85% of non-organic farmer’s produce, I really salute these farmers who are bringing us back to nature.

Today I am in Kobe, one of the oldest trading ports in Japan, a progressive city with a breathtaking, multicultural cuisine. So it was no surprise when I stumbled across Momiji, an organic restaurant serving Japanese and Western delights in a comfortable homely atmosphere. Just a short walk from the heart of Kobe, near the north end of Sannomiya station, this is a pleasant pit stop after a day of sightseeing or shopping in chic Motomachi.

I particularly liked their Tofu Dengaku, with a beautiful smoky miso sauce, as well as the mind tingling Bali Momotaro Tomato Caesar salad, made from buckwheat. Healthy and delicious! Other specialties include bamboo shoots, rapeseed with sesame cream sauce, oven baked cheese and pumpkin, and Akashi sea bream sashimi. To ensure their catch is fresh, the menu changes with the seasons. I have told that some fish taste better in different months, so I know they have my taste buds in mind as well. There is also a Manju Yuba, served with okra sauce. I was told that okra was good in more ways than imagined For vegans, ask for vegetable stock in advance, and I am sure they can cater for you or your group.

Speaking of groups, they cater for private parties, with separate areas for groups of 6, 15, 25 and 45 people. The fixed menu banquet options start from ¥2,000, though you can also enjoy a la carte selections for less than that.

Meat lovers are catered for as well. I was tempted between the barbarian sweet chili fried chicken wings, and the grilled chicken neck. They serve all their dishes on wonderful Japanese crockery from nearby Tamba or Kyoto.

To finish off, choose between the famous Kobe milk pudding and the cherry sorbet. Complete your experience with an organic coffee or tea, and relax. I will be back.

Getting there

Momiji is located just a two minute walk westbound from the north exit of Sannomiya Station. It is open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily and also accepts all major credit cards.

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Hitoshi Kawai

Hitoshi Kawai @hitoshi.kawai

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