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Enjoy an at-home atmosphere at Soup Cafe Fika

By Elysse Hurtado    - 2 min read

Soup Café Fika is a rather new restaurant located to the south-east of the Ibaraki Prefectural Government in Mito, offering tasty and affordable fare inside a cottage-like interior. The outside of the restaurant, which was a different establishment up until just a short while ago, looks somewhat old and lackluster, but inside there are plenty of shabby chic tables and tchotchkes to give it a relaxed, homey feeling.

As suggested by the name, the menu features a selection of home-made soups that come with sides of salad, rice, and appetizers, although they do also feature pasta and entrees such as grilled chicken. The atmosphere is pleasant, with nice folk music piped in throughout, and the layout of the restaurant allows for you to seclude yourself from other guests to a certain extent, which provides for a more intimate experience. There are many windows and lots of space, and the white theme of the decorations makes it feel very open and inviting.

The food is very well done, both in flavor and in presentation; al-dente pasta with plenty of seasoning, fragrant and filling soups that appeal to both eyes and stomach. They even have a selection of teas and coffees to finish off the meal, with some rather decadent desserts on display. One of the interesting features of the teas was that they brought out a small dish of blueberry jam that you were encouraged to spoon into your tea for an additional flavor boost. Prices are reasonable, averaging a little less than one thousand yen per dish, and the servings are quite generous.

Thanks to the restaurant’s recent opening there was no need to make a reservation, but it is likely to gain popularity rather quickly given the quality of the offerings. It may be a little bit harder to get to than most establishments, but it is worth the effort to enjoy a meal with a little peace and quiet and some excellent service. There is ample parking for those so inclined, but very few streetlights so be careful when going at night (whether driving or not!).

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