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A conveniently modern hotel

By Elena Lisina    - 3 min read

With its convenient location, Hotel Season in Mito is a great hotel just a few minutes stroll from JR Mito Station and only 2 km from the famous Kairakuen Garden. The hotel also stands by the Sawatari River which flows into Lake Senba.

The hotel's great location
The hotel's great location

Hotel Season features comfortable western-style rooms with LCD TV and free internet, WiFi in a lobby that is spacious and relaxing. Each room also has an air-conditioner, a mini-fridge, a private bathroom, an electric kettle with green tea bags and coffee. Slippers, towels and other hygiene supplies are provided in the en suite bathroom.

Single room
Single room

A prominent feature of the hotel is Kacho Fugetsu, a restaurant located on the 9th floor. The restaurant serves Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. I booked the room with breakfast and I have to say that it was excellent! The restaurant offers great window views of Mito City.

Good breakfast!
Good breakfast!

Hotel Season offers free on-site parking and bicycle rental for exploring the area along the Sawatari River. Massage services are also available from 20:00-23:20 and can be arranged at the front desk. A free-use microwave and a coin launderette are on site.

The view from the restaurant
The view from the restaurant

The closest places of interest are the Ibaraki Museum of Modern Art, the Tokugawa Museum and the Kairakuen Plum Garden with traditional Japanese house Kobuntei. Kairakuen Garden is especially beautiful in February and March when thousands of plum trees are in bloom. During that season, an annual Mito Plum Blossom Festival is held in Kairakuen and it’s really worth visiting! From Mito the Hitachi Seaside Park is a convenient trip. At the end of April it features gorgeous blue fields of hemophilia. October is also a beautiful time when those fields turn red and orange.

Nice evening stroll right by the hotel
Nice evening stroll right by the hotel

My stay in Hotel Season was pleasant and comfortable and the staff were friendly, I enjoyed the views and the walk from the hotel. Breakfast was very good and the price I paid was very reasonable, so I’d highly recommend this hotel.

Getting there

Hotel Season is a 5-minute walk from the South Exit of JR Mito Train Station.

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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

I love Japan very much! I like small towns of Japan where I can watch people doing their business and talk to them carefully. They're always friendly. I like Japanese gardens where I can just sit or walk and take my time. Also I like Shinto Jinja as being there I feel in peace. I like to watch sunsets and then to dine in some small local places. I like to soak into onsen after a long day of wandering. I like Japanese crafts very much as all items are made with great taste and skill. Nihon wo daisuki desuyo! My photos from Japan I also place here: Matane!

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Elizabeth S 5 months ago
The healthful breakfast and lovely views make this enticing. The plum groves there are fabulous, aren’t they?
Elena Lisina Author 5 months ago
I was late for ume bloom season, there were already big green plums! But, yes, I loved the garden very much, and Kobuntei, too.
Sherilyn Siy 6 months ago
The breakfast looks very healthy. Nice walkway by the river too.
Elena Lisina Author 6 months ago
I'm used to a smaller breakfast, but it was fine as I wasn't in a hurry! :) Yes, the walk along the river to Kairakuen was really nice, and I met there many swans!
Kim B 6 months ago
I always like hotels that have a good breakfast option, especially since so many things in Japan don't open until later in the morning!
Elena Lisina Author 6 months ago
That's what I usually do - just buy yogurt and a bun. ;)