Hitachi Seaside Park in Autumn

Luscious greenery and colorful bushes

By Irma Syahriar    - 1 min read

Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture is beautiful all year round. But in autumn, it gets even more vibrant thanks to the Miharashi no Oka's kochia bushes that are the highlight of this park. The brilliant color combination of the luscious greenery and the blooming red kochia is such an amazing view, it’s as if they just leap out of a coloring book!

The park is easily accessible by train. It takes about 70 minutes ride via Limited Express train from JR Ueno station to the Katsuta station on the JR Joban Line. Once you get to the station, ride the number #2 bus, it will take you directly to the park entrance.

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Irma Syahriar

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