The Grandiose Sumo of Tatsunami Stable

Prestigious stable in Tsukuba-mirai

By Tom Roseveare    - 1 min read

The Tatsunami sumo stable, in Tsukuba-mirai, Ibaraki, is one of the most prestigious stables in sumo history. Founded in 1876 by Onigazaki, the current incarnation dates back to 1915. Asahiyutaka Katsuteru is the current Tatsunami elder/owner and has lead the stable since 1999.

The stable is not accessible to regular visitors or tourists, although can be accessed by those who sign up to the Tatsunami-beya Supporter's Association (annual fee applies). Membership grants access to a multitude of gatherings and events in the area.

Shot on Sony Action Cam

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Jessica A Paje 6 years ago
Wow! Watching them train in this intimate setting is just as exhilarating as watching a tournament! Even more so if seats in the nosebleed section are best available.
Jerome Lee 6 years ago
Woah! So this is what sumo training looks like. Great video Tom!
Justin Velgus 6 years ago
A rare view inside a sumo stable! Great work. They train endlessly for hours each day just for that short match which is often less than 10 seconds. Respect!