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Exploring Kanazawa Buildings

A great mix of modern and histrical architecture

Kanazawa city is one of Japan's most popular tourist sites for both foreigners and Japanese. In addition to famous places such as Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle park, and Chaya-districts, there are many other preserved authentic buildings in the center of the city.

They are well preserved and some of them are still available for daily use. These include two distinctive types of architectures, which are located within walking distance in Kanazawa city. They are very compact houses with Japanese a traditional architectural style, and modern style buildings with a touch of the western.

Some samurai residences are preserved in the city. The area is located just 10-15 minutes walk from the business and commercial district of the city. Western style buildings are located to the south of Kenrokuen. Here, we are able to learn about the development of Kanazawa district and its history.

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