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Explore the charms of Kutani porcelain

Venue: Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan When: Early Oct - Early Nov 2024

Pottery fan? KUTANism is a festival designed to promote the charm of Kutani porcelain and showcase the cities of Nomi and Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture where the porcelain is produced.

The event will include a variety of different elements, including an exhibition of different Kutani ware pieces and guided online tours to provide the experience of taking a real trip to the region -- just without any of the travel involved! Some of the exhibition contents will also change each week during the festival period, ensuring a dynamic, unique experience for participants.

The event website also includes a shopping section for those based in Japan, with a range of different Kutani ware artisans offering products for sale.

Getting there

The events take place around Komatsu City and Nomi City, Ishikawa.


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