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Dango in a Gorge

An outing to Genbikei Gorge

So captivating is the beauty of Genbikei Gorge that it is said that even Date Masamune (the feudal lord of the Sendai domain) himself acknowledged its beauty and often frequented this spot.

The gorge is a geological treasure and quite a sight. The water flowing along the Iwai River is an amazing turquoise. One of the highlights is the "kakkou dango" or "flying dumplings". They are quite tasty and I highly recommend you try them.

You can even venture up to the tea house and see the operations with your own eyes.

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Getting there

Ichinoseki can be accessed from Sendai Station on Platform 1, with a transfer at Kogota Station. From Ichinoseki Station, there is a bus that goes directly to the gorge at a cost of 490 yen.

More info

Find out more about Genbikei Gorge.

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