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Moguranpia Machinaka Aquarium

Taking a look into a different world is always interesting. This small aquarium in Kuji, in the north of Iwate Prefecture, is the right place for getting to know the sea creatures of the area. Actually, this aquarium was once quite big. They had a ‘sea tunnel’ that made you feel as if you were walking under the sea. However, the large aquarium was damaged by tsunami in March 2011 and the smaller one that you can visit right now was built in its place. You can see and play with Kuji’s sea creatures on the first floor, and also visit other play areas on the second and third floor that are really intended for kids. Near to the tourist information center and also Tatsumiyama Park, this aquarium is very accessible. There is no admission fee to enter this park. So let’s take a break, and refresh your mind here!