Cafe Kuguri

Great food in a relaxed space in the city

By Bret de Colebi    - 2 min read

Not every café in Japan is a winner, with many being smoke-filled relics of a bygone era serving the same bland food using low quality materials. It can be even harder to find a café near Takamatsu city center with on-site or even free parking. It turns out that such an establishment was hiding in plain sight all along! Café Kuguri is located just a block away from an arterial road, tucked inside of a neighborhood nearby a quiet little park. It is located just west of Kawaramachi station, making it a great place to stop by on your way in to or out of the city for people coming from the west or the Takamatsu Chuo Interchange. There are 12 parking spaces, and room to park your bicycle as well!

The food that is served is made from top quality ingredients. For example, the hamburger lunch set is made from 100% locally sourced “Olive Beef” as opposed a pork/beef combination sourced from China that many restaurants get away with selling. This level of quality and locally conscious food products continues throughout the menu, from the sugar for the coffee to the spices in the curry. There is also a lot more in food and dessert than you would expect. All in all, Café Kuguri is a solid bet for those who are trying to get some food as well as a hot beverage!

Café Kuguri has a kind of warm, cozy, homelike atmosphere that puts customers at ease. The tables and décor are made of several kinds of wood, the grain and color of which adding to the relaxed, country-quaint style. The seats are overstuffed armchairs, soft sofas, real wood seats, and vintage leather recliners. The place has charming knickknacks and tranquil paintings everywhere, and each table has soft, fleece blankets in case you need to be extra comfortable and warm. It’s hard to not be calm and content when at Café Kuguri.

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Bret de Colebi

Bret de Colebi

I am a Seattle native, settled here on Shikoku these last few years. Love Japanese food, hiking, camping, swimming, and taking photos of this beautiful corner of the world!

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