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Milano no Okazuyasan

A bargain Italian restaurant in downtown Takamatsu

Milano no Okazuyasan is a phenomenal family restaurant, and I mean that both in that it is a great place for families to visit and it’s owned by a lovely family. Any possible thing that can be had at an Italian restaurant in Japan can be found here. They have an absolutely huge menu with gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli, fresh fettuccine, spaghetti, pilaf, frittata, risotto, savory meat and vegetable dishes, fresh baked bread (whole wheat, white, pumpkin, sesame, and bean), homemade soups, fresh salads, desserts, and much more.

Milano no Okazuyasan is located in central Takamatsu just outside of the covered shopping arcade. Where the Tokiwagai, Tamachi, and Minami Shinmachi shopping arcades meet head west and there you will find it. It is a short walk directly west from Kawaramachi Station and being in the middle of the city it is more easily accessed by pedestrians and cyclists. The first story of the restaurant is where the kitchens and bathrooms are located. The second story has the drink station, a dumbwaiter, and the dining room. There are plenty of seating at booths and tables. The tables can be pushed together for parties and they can accommodate very large groups and pull down curtains separating the dining rooms.

I have visited a good dozen Italian restaurants in the immediate area and Milano no Okazuyasan is far and away the best value. Order anything and you will have plenty of food. The fettuccine is made from scratch in the restaurant every morning and evening, including the spinach fettuccine which is made with fresh local spinach. Additionally, there is always all-you-can-eat freshly prepared bread that is included with your meal. There is also butter (actual 100% butter most of the time, although sometimes I have noticed a margarine butter blend), and olive oil at the bread buffet table. During lunch, they also have a salad bar, which is a huge draw. They have a great lettuce blend, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and corn. The dressings are all made in house as well, and there is a grilled sesame, Caesar, and onion. Lunch sets are a great value, coming with your choice of dessert, coffee/tea, or soup. You can include more for modest additional prices, and the weekend sets come with everything included.

They have cocktails and a big wine menu, and in the evening they have an all you can drink menu at bargain prices. The staff are all very warm and friendly, and your order comes very fast. All in all, this restaurant is just about the best that you can ask for and you can go there without worrying about the cost or if they have what you are looking for. Milano no Okazuyasan is a great choice for all occasions.

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