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Take 5

Great burger bar in the heart of Takamatsu

Take 5 is a fantastic burger bar in the heart of downtown Takamatsu. Very close to all of the city’s nightlife, this is a solid place to get a great meal on your night out in eastern Shikoku’s biggest city. The smart, modern design of the building and the relaxed, comfortable interior adds to the classy burger bar atmosphere. The fare is gourmet fast food at its finest, and you can wash it down with a cola or a coffee before strolling over to the bars and clubs.

All of the fish and meat are top quality and perfectly seasoned. The handmade buns are crispy and rich. The fixings are all fresh and delicious. There are various sauces prepared in-house that are very well suited to the flavors of the individual sandwiches. There are jalapeños, American ketchup and mustard, and even sweet relish for the hot dogs, all available at your table. Speaking of hot dogs, there are more options than you would think and they are all savory and satisfying. The French fries are made from potatoes that are hand cut every day. There really isn’t anything like a real French fried potato and they are almost completely impossible to find in the Japanese countryside. A majority of fries served at restaurants and bars are made from mass produced frozen bags of processed fries.

The drink menu is small and simple. There is coca cola, ginger ale, a few kinds of juice, beer, coffee, tea, and lattes. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of seating, and it is possible during peak times to have to wait. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t seem to be a problem and the staff are very eager to please and accommodate.

Take 5 is in the Kataharamachi District just outside of the covered shopping arcade. It is very close to the bars around Lion Street and Marugamemachi. Located only a kilometer from JR Takamatsu Station and a mere hop, skip and a jump from Kotoden’s Kataharamachi station, it truly is right in the center of downtown. For those who work in or are visiting central Takamatsu it is also a very good spot to grab lunch.

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