Yakuri Temple in Autumn

Beautiful views of the city and mountains

 By Bret de Colebi   Jan 7, 2014

Yakuri Temple (Yakuriji), is the 85th temple in the famous 88 pilgrimage.  It comes after Yashima Temple and before Shido Temple. The temple gets its name from the legend that Kobo Daishi planted eight chestnut trees here (ya = 8, kuri = chestnut).  The oldest structure here is the wooden bell tower, which was rebuilt in 1791. The temple itself is, of course, a thousand years older.  Many people park and walk to the temple, although there is a gondola that leads you to another temple atop the same mountain. Take your time and explore different paths around this mountaintop temple.  

Photography by Bret de Colebi
Japan Travel Member

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Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
Beautiful momiji!