Yamadaya: Sanuki Udon Restaurant

Enjoy Japanese noodles and traditional garden

By Naoko Takeuchi    - 1 min read

Sanuki Udon is a Japanese noodle dish eaten in Kagawa prefecture. It is named after Sanuki province, the previous name of Kagawa prefecture. In recent years, self-serve style Udon restaurants are popular, but Yamadaya provides heart-felt service.

In Yamadaya, we can enjoy not only Sanuki Udon but also a beautiful Japanese style garden. In fact, the building and its garden are designated as a nationally important cultural property. The face of the garden changes in rhythm with the seasons: cherry blossoms in spring, and brightly colored leaves in autumn. After eating their delicious udon, take a short walk in the garden and feel the wonders of the current season.

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Naoko Takeuchi

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