Makurazaki Port

Largest Producer of Dried Bonito Flakes in Japan

By Amanda Ho    - 1 min read

Makurazaki City is the southern-most city of the Satsuma Hanto Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is the largest producer of katsuobushi, dried fermented skipjack tuna, also known as okaka or bonito flakes, in the whole of Japan, handling 50,000 tonnes of bonito per year. Katsuobushi is a key ingredient of dashi, the broth in many soups and sauces in Japanese cuisine. The city is nicknamed “katsuo town”.

Makurazaki Fish Center is near the port. On the first floor, there were a few shops selling fresh fish and of course, katsuobushi. On the second floor was a restaurant, with views overlooking the port.

For train fans, Makurazaki Station is the last station of the southern-most JR train line in Japan.

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Amanda Ho

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