A Solitary Cherry Tree

Cherry tree in full bloom along Itachi River

By Reynald Ventura    - 1 min read

Discovering this solitary cherry tree at Nakanocho Sakon Park (中野町左近公園) was pure serendipity.

From JR Ofuna Station, I took the Keihin Tohoku Line bound for Yokohama. I got off at Hongoudai, the next station, and walked south towards the Itachi River. It took about five minutes. Cherry blossoms were in full in bloom on both sides of the river. I walked upriver to the direction of the Itachi River Ougi Bridge Waterside (いたち川 扇橋の水辺) where I wanted to see the famed red bridge. At Tenjin Bridge (天神橋), I crossed the road to the other side and continued walking upstream. I came to Nittou Bridge (日東橋). Looking to the right for oncoming vehicles, I spotted a tree laden with bright pink blossoms on a hill. The blossoms beckoned me; I walked uphill. The young cherry tree marked the entrance to Nakanocho Sakon Park.

A few days ago, I visited this tree again. The buds are going to blossom in a few days.

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Reynald Ventura

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Kim 3 years ago
Very ready to see some of those blooms here in Niigata - we've still got snow on the ground!
Reynald Ventura Videographer 3 years ago
Have a nice day, Kim.