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A Trip to Kamakura from Fukui

Changing trains to get to Kamakura in search of spring!

In late February, I could no longer wait for spring in snowy Fukui. I decided to visit Kamakura, where spring must have come already. When I checked, I found I needed to change trains three times. Still, nothing could quench my strong desire to feel spring with my whole body! First, I took an express train from JR Fukui Station, then changed trains at Maibara, and took the Shinkansen Hikari (bullet train) bound for Tokyo. Next, I changed trains at Odawara Station where a famous express train 'Odoriko' awaited me. Then I changed trains once again at JR Ofuna Station. for the final leg of my journey, a local train to Kamakura. When I arrived, the sun had already set and the night was dark. I took a cab to head for a hotel I booked for the occasion, Kamakura Prince Hotel.

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