Bonzo Soba Restaurant

Michelin-star noodles at this hidden gem on a Kamakura backstreet

By Tom Roseveare    - 3 min read

Opened back in September 2008, Bonzō (梵蔵) is a Michelin-starred hidden gem tucked away in an intimate and rustic setting in the Zaimokuza area of Kamakura, overlooking Sagami Bay.

Located in a seemingly nondescript, quiet, residential neighbourhood a few minutes from Sagami Bay, Bonzo excels at handmade 100% buckwheat soba, known as juwari. Perusing the menu, you can be assured Bonzo really does look after you when it comes to all things soba.

<p>Mizu soba</p>
Mizu soba

Michelin-star Soba

You can opt to go à la carte or for the set menu (which will require reservation in advance). Some of the menu's entrées highlights include Soba Miso Sugi-ita Yaki (grilled miso soba), homemade sesame tofu, sesame tofu tempura as well as a wider tempura selection, grilled duck. Moving onto the mains, try a variety of soba dishes including Kikouchi seiro soba (using pure buckwheat flour), tenzaru soba (tempura with chilled buckwheat noodles), kamo seiro (cold soba in hot broth with wild French duck) and sarashina soba (thin, light sakura-coloured noodles).

I opted for the lunch-time set which combines a large number of dishes for a very reasonable ¥3,500: homemade sesame tofu, mizu soba, Jomon soba rice cake, Soba Miso Sugi-ita Yaki (mesmerising flavour combination of grilled miso/soba served on cedarwood), tempura selection with soba, Kikouchi seiro soba with dipping tsuyu sauce, followed up by Matcha ice-cream. Whilst the soba here tastes superb, I was most surprised by the miso/sugi yaki starter (a completely new kind of dish for me but unbelievably good) and the tempura tofu (which virtually melts on the inside).

<p>Grilled miso/soba on cedarwood</p>
Grilled miso/soba on cedarwood

All the dishes here were incredibly fresh and flavourful. It really felt like a different league visually with everything presented impeccably via gorgeous earthenware crockery. Even the chilled beer in its ceramic tankard tasted that much better than normal (though admittedly we had trekked here on an unusually warm autumnal day).

The soba is handmade on the day and if you visit at the right time, you'll even see soba being prepared in the small studio to the rear-left of the restaurant, which is fully on display to customers and a sight to behold. Menus will differ depending on the season.

<p>Outside Bonzo &ndash; really nondescript building!</p>
Outside Bonzo – really nondescript building!

Getting there

Bonzo is about a 20 minute walk south of Kamakura Station, although several buses (11, 12, 40) also serve the surrounding neighbourhood and can ferry you to and from the station.

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Helena von Dewitz a year ago
Hello, was it hard to get a reservation? thought about going there on Friday for lunch and wonder if I‘ll have a chance to get a table!
Victoria Vlisides 4 years ago
Awesome! I am going to Kamakura this weekend and will be excited to try this.