Coaska Bayside Stores on Yokosuka Bay ()

Coaska Bayside Stores Opening in Yokosuka

New landmark center for shopping and life in Southern Kanagawa

Coaska Bayside Stores on Yokosuka Bay ()
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A newly refurbished landmark for shopping and leisure—Coaska Bayside Stores—is returning to the Yokosuka-Miura Peninsula near Shioiri Station on the Keikyu Line. This announcement covers the facilities and sightseeing points coming to the brand new gathering point in Kanagawa.

Coaska Bayside Stores has been a long-beloved shopping plaza for local residents and this facility in Yokosuka has undergone a full renovation over the past year. Everywhere you look, from both inside and around the facility, there are gorgeous views of Yokosuka Bay and the beachside. More than 100 trendy shops are gathered over the six above-ground floors, with offerings including gourmet eats, retail shopping, and entertainment. The Yokosuka area “eats” zone has been developed as well, with local specialties and shops that boast a variety of meats, fish, and vegetables harvested from the Yokosuka-Miura Peninsula Area.

Interior concept image
Interior concept image ()

Essentially a one-stop-shop, the mall is designed to be incredibly convenient for all your shopping needs. The 2nd- through 4th-floor retail area offers living and daily life necessities including fashion, interior design, variety stores, cosmetics, and medicine. The well-rounded floors in this area are complete with spaces for learning, health, and beauty as well. The 4th through 6th floors are dedicated to entertainment. They host a cinema and bowling alley, as well as a sports complex and book cafe.

Bowling and games area
Bowling and games area ()

Coaska Bayside Stores aims to provide a facility that’s great for a full day of activities, regardless of age, sex, or nationality. Each and every customer can use Yokosuka as a base for their daily life. The name, “Coaska”, is a combination of the words “coast” and “Yokosuka”. The logo uses the letter “C” to represent the facility with silhouettes of people holding hands, from children to the elderly, to incorporate the idea of a diverse group of people coming together here. As a newly remodeled establishment, Coaska would like to foster an atmosphere promoting different lifestyles and aspirations.

Children's play area
Children's play area ()

The building’s decorative architecture was designed with an elegant atmosphere in mind. It’s both dignified and overflowing with a tangible sense of exoticism. In a complete remodeling effort, the entire building delivers a sense of safety and environmental efficiency through the use of things like LED lighting. We’ve performed these renovations to maximize people’s desire to use our facilities.

Interior concept image
Interior concept image ()

The official website will be announcing new information so keep an eye out!!

Facility Outline

  • Business Name: Coaska Bayside Stores
  • Owner: Yokosuka Mall Leasing Ltd.
  • Location: 2-1-12 Yokosuka City Honcho
  • Lot Area: 40,550 m2
  • Total Floor Area: 120,624 m2 / 6 Floors above ground
  • Parking Lot: Approx. 1,400 vehicles

Getting there

Coaska Bayside Stores is easily accessible by train and car.

By Train:

  • 3-min walk from Shioiri Station on the Keikyu Main Line
  • 9-min walk from Yokosuka Station on the JR Yokosuka Line
  • 10-min walk from the Yokosuka-chuo Station on the Keikyu Main Line

By Car: approx. 3-km drive from the Yokosuka IC on the Yokohama-Yokosuka Road

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Elizabeth S 2 years ago
There is quite a bit to see and do in Yokosoka and this looks like an attractive place to do a spot of shopping before returning from a day trip.
Kim 2 years ago
Definitely looks like a one stop shop, with loads to see and do! Fun!
Sherilyn Siy 2 years ago
Nice to see all those windows that let in natural lighting.