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Enoshima Katase Kaigan Beach

Winter is the time for reflection

Close by to the ever crowded Kamakura lies a peaceful island called Enoshima. Normally, people go to this beach during the summer to enjoy sunbathing or to do some other fun or lively summer activities. However, it is also a great experience to spend some time here in a totally different way during the winter.

Because of the cold weather, you can usually find people sitting quietly nearby to the beach while drinking or chatting casually with their friends or family.

The familiar energetic summertime vibe has been turned into a much calmer and restful one throughout the winter, with many people sitting back and reflecting more upon themselves. During the winter period, you can allow yourself to be more in harmony with nature, while losing yourself to the sound of the waves, wind and even the crows. All of these factors contribute to the tranquility of Enoshima along with the beach. It is indeed, an ideal day-trip for those who want to find some peace of mind and get away for a while before getting swirled back to the fast-paced life of the Tokyo metropolis.

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