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Kanagawa's Shonan Monorail

An exciting ride between Ofuna Station & Enoshima

The Kamakura-Enoshima Shonan Monorail takes riders on an exciting journey up and over small mountains and valleys between Ofuna Station and the sea. From one end to the other, it only costs 310 yen for adults, 160 yen for children. The ride gives a bird’s eye view of neighborhoods and sights along the way. There is a lot of greenery, nice views of the city, and, off in the distance, a giant Goddess of Mercy bust on one of the hills.

The ride can get somewhat rocky, so if you are a person that experiences motion sickness, I recommend a seat that faces forward. The monorail runs every seven to eight minutes and stops at many stations along its route, the last stop being Shonan-Enoshima. From there, follow the cobblestone walking street lined with shops and restaurants until you reach the ocean. The island of Enoshima will be just across the bridge in front of you.

The monorail does not accept Suica/Pasmo as payment, so you will have to purchase tickets upon arrival at the station.

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