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Foggy Days in Hakone

Eerie, but beautiful

We went to Hakone to see the nature and when we got up the mountain, we just saw...fog. But don't be fooled – this was one of the best small vacations we ever had as the atmosphere was eerie, yet beautiful.

Even though you could not see that much, everything was really calm, and the waves of Lake Ashi could be heard in the distance. Walking around and just exploring those misty paths was an adventure in itself. In the evening we even saw a wild deer appearing right in front of us. As someone who absolutely loves fog and misses it a lot in crowded Tokyo, this was pure bliss. Just taking pictures and seeing the surroundings only a few feet ahead was something so unique, that it must have been fate to be there on this day. So even though you've got some foggy days ahead, just try to enjoy them!.

Getting there

Hakone can be reached with the Hakone Free Pass via train and bus.

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