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Hakone's Chozume-ya Sausage Shop

Quick, tasty snack near the Moto-Hakone docks

Chozume-ya (腸詰屋) is a shop that specializes in handmade sausages and hams based on traditional German techniques. You can eat in the shop (they have a few tables) or do a take-out. The interior is simple and bright with large windows overlooking the water. Chozume-ya has several branches in other resort areas around Japan, such as Karuizawa in Nagano, Nasu in Tochigi, and Kamakura and Sengoku-hara in Kanagawa.

The Restaurant

The restaurant uses a semi self-service system: Order and pay first at the cash register, then take a seat. They will bring your food to your table when it is ready.If you’d like some water, that is self-service too. If the tables are full, then do a take out and eat in front of the lake.

You can go with one of their bigger set menu meals or order a sausage on a bun. The set meals feature grilled ham, pork steak, Bayern steak (grilled sausage wrapped in bacon), or an assortment of sausages. Each of these includes pickles and a baked potato, with bread or rice. Prices range from 1200 yen to 1350 yen. Beef stew with salad is 1200 yen, and hashed beef and curry with rice are both 1000 yen.

Sausage on a bun is 400 yen. You can choose from: plain, coarsely ground with parsley, chorizo, and sausage mixed with herbs.

The grilled chorizo was really spicy, juicy and tasty, and the German potato was nicely baked. All of them hit the spot just around lunchtime.

The Shop

The shop was very busy when I was there. Many of the customers seemed to be buying packaged sausages and hams to take home as souvenirs. Nice idea! Yummy tasting samples are within easy reach, and if you ask the owner, he will be happy to explain what each product is and how they are made.

If you're in the mood for a quick light meal, the sausage here just might do the trick for you. You can't beat the price, you can't beat the location, and I found the sausage to be of very high quality. As good as what I have experienced in Germany? Not quite...but actually quite tasty!

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