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Uni-sei: Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Enjoy fresh seafood overlooking the ocean in Manazuru

Beautiful Location and Fresh Seafood

Uni-Sei is located on the beach of the Manazuru peninsula. You can get there from Tokyo in 2 hours by car, enjoying a pleasant drive along the coast, or 1 hour and a half by train. You will be able to see the blue of the beautiful ocean and the green of the mountains. There are many mandarin orange and lemon trees here, a special product of this district, standing in rows on the steep face of the mountains that rise from the coastline. Because it is warm and because Manazuru is blessed with delicious food from land and sea, this area is a popular tourist resort.

Seeing is believing

Uni-Sei is famous for its fresh seafood. The taste of the fresh fish or shellfish taken from the sea in front of the restaurant is wonderful and much better than the seafood served at famous Japanese restaurants in Tokyo. The sliced raw fish and shellfish that are served on a boat-shaped platter is exceptional. The grilled spiny lobster and lobster miso soup are also wonderfully delicious. Besides the delicious food, you will also be able to enjoy the smell of the sea in the air and the taste of a fisherman!

Sashimi on the Boat-shaped Platter is Amazing!

If you order the “fresh seafood on the boat-shaped platter”, you will be amazed at the volume: Abalone, turban shell, flounder, sea bream, lobster, chopped raw mackerel! The flounder and the sea bream are still alive! It also comes with turban shell cooked in their shells, grilled fish, boiled rice, and pickles. Your table will be covered with food! When you finished eating the fresh slices of lobster, a waitress will comes to your table, take away the shell husks and bring delicious lobster miso soup.

The cheapest boat platter set is 4000 yen. If everyone in your group orders it you will probably not be able to eat half! So it is probably better to ask the waitress for advice. The price of the most expensive boat platter is 8000 yen per person. This however is by no means expensive compared to the 20,000 you would expect to pay in Tokyo for a similar course. Of course, there are plenty of a la carte items on the menu as well.

Please enjoy this food with family or friends, looking at the sea from a table beside the window. In front of the entrance of the restaurant, they sell homemade dried fish and food boiled in soy, as well as local marine products. These make good souvenirs for friends!

Local Sightseeing

The next station after Manazuru is Yugawara, famous for its hot springs. There are many Japanese traditional style hotels (Onsen-ryokan) in Yugawara. Staying overnight in a hot spring here will also become a good memory.

Odawara and its famous castle are located along the way back to Tokyo. And the famous hot spring resort area, Hakone, and Ashinoko-lake are also located fairly near Uni-Sei. This restaurant is surrounded by famous sightseeing spots!

One Hint

It would probably be better to make reservations at Uni-Sei. They are always crowded, and you can use the time you would have spent waiting for a table enjoying sightseeing in the area!

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Kim 3 years ago
What a scenic spot to enjoy a meal!
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
I love Japanese food and particularly sea products! Will try to visit this place in summer.

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