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Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, Kawasaki

Have fun with Doraemon!


Reserved tickets are required for the museum, so please see how to book Fujiko F Fujio Museum tickets in advance.

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Although you may not have heard of Fujiko F. Fujio, you almost certainly know at least of one of his creations: Doraemon! ​It's a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio, and Doraemon is the cute blue cartoon cat robot that can be found all over Japan. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love him, even if they know nothing about the story?

A little over a year ago a museum dedicated to Fujiko F. Fujio and all of his creations (I was amazed to learn there are so many more than just Doraemon) opened in Kawasaki City. The closest stations are Noborito (from where there is a shuttle bus to the museum) and Mukogaokayuen (walking distance).

Like the Ghibli Museum, you must purchase your tickets in advance, through Lawson, and there are 4 entrance times per day (10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00). There is no limit on how long you can stay once you are in. My friends and I entered at 10am and didn’t leave until around 2pm, so allow yourself plenty of time.

Upon entry, you are given a brief explanation of how the museum works, and then you are free to explore it at your leisure. The museum is spread over three floors, starting with a very interesting and informative interactive history area. Here you are given an audio guide (English is available) to help you navigate the various displays, which are spread over 2 floors. There is also a theatre that screens a short Doraemon film at various times throughout the day, an outside play area with various life-size replicas from the Doraemon comics (such as the infamous dokodemo doa) and a cafe.

All the food served in the cafe is themed and has to be seen to be believed! Everything my friends and I ordered was delicious! If you know a bit about the Doraemon comics, you will be impressed by their creations. The cafe tends to fill up quickly, so I recommend going there as early in the day as possible (we went there first thing). If it is full you are given a number, however you must be in the waiting area when your number is called, otherwise they give your spot to the next person in line. Next to the cafe, there is also a small take away area, which serves different food to the cafe.

There is also a reading corner where you can relax and read Doraemon comics, and if you go with kids, there is a kids-only indoor play area too.

And when you are ready to leave, at the exit there is, of course, a gift shop, selling anything and everything you could ever imagine related to Fujiko F. Fujio’s creations.

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Sherilyn Siy 3 years ago
How much should I budget for food per person?
Lauren Banks 10 years ago
Like you said, a lot of the things around that area of the museum is based and themed on Doraemon, which is quite exciting because there are two spots on the bus ride where Doraemon is hidden! The outside area of the museum has a lot of exhibits (that were in Doraemon itself) and that was also fun to take pictures. The highlight of the museum I should say is the food. Not only are the food themed by Doraemon but the food is genuinely delicious! A negative point would be that the museum itself is far from Tokyo city, but visiting there once would not be a regret!

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