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Global Residence Sagamihara

Make friends from all over the world

Global Residence Sagamihara is a multicultural place with guests from all over the world. With friendly staff on reception, a spacious lobby and lounge for socializing and meeting new people from all over the world, you are guaranteed to have a great stay and build relationships that will potentially last a lifetime. There are events and parties that are frequently held, so it is clear that there is a real sense of community at Sagamihara.

When walking through into reception you are greeted with the lobby, a spacious, colorful place where guests from many different countries like to mingle and share experiences. The lobby has a few large sofas, but also various small tables and chairs situated throughout the room making it a great place to work. The room is equipped with WIFI which allows professionals to work and travelers to plan their day. Keep your eye on the notice boards which give information on the up and coming events.

Next is the lounge, a very spacious room which guests can thrive in. A huge stretching table sits in the middle of the room which gives an opportunity for many people to dine together under the same roof. The room itself is very well decorated, with comfortable sofas, stylish design and a good use of vibrant color. The lounge also has a TV area, for watching television and also for movie nights. There is a nice carpet in front with various cushions, making it a very relaxing and chilled out area.

Next to the lounge is the kitchen area, which again carries on the tradition of Sagamihara; to give their guests large open spaces to enjoy. The kitchen is clean, modern and very user friendly. This is great if you are a fan of self-catering and do not wish to dine out every night in restaurants or small cafes. The first floor also has a gym, with medicine balls and free-weights, perfect for those who wish to stay in shape during their stay.

There are six floors in the building, with 113 single rooms. The size of rooms vary, along with the style of bed, from single, middle to bunk bed. You can visit the website for more information and prices of the rooms in Global Residence Sagamihara which are very affordable, especially for those traveling on a budget.

A floor is dedicated to males for washing and cleaning, and the same is done for females, respecting the privacy of guests. If it is privacy that you are after, you can always retreat to your room, which has free internet with the use of a LAN cable. It is safe to say that while a huge emphasis is placed on community and allowing people to grow together, there is also a chance to unwind individually. Therefore, there is a fantastic balance of public versus private space here.

Along with the washing rooms for males and females, there is also a Japanese style public bath on the second floor. It is important to note when you can use this bath, as the blue curtain in front signals it is allowed for the use of males only, whereas the red curtain indicates that females can only use it at that particular time.

Close by advantages:

Global Residence Sagamihara is just a few minutes walk away from a Japanese restaurant and also a Dominoes Pizza. There are supermarkets and small convenient stores within easy walking distance too.

The closest train station is Fuchinobe on the JR Yokohama Line which gives fantastic accessibility for you to blast yourself around the grand metropolis that is Tokyo. Machida is also very close and is only a few stops away on this line.

Right next to the train station is a coffee shop, great for getting your coffee fix in the morning or for grabbing a sandwich or bun to fuel yourself before a trip. There is also a small noodle shop providing further opportunities for a quick bite to eat before or after a journey.

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