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Hayama Resort Community

Home to Isshiki Beach

Off the western side of Tokyo Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, Hayama is one of the most popular summertime destinations for Tokyoites. This resort community is home to idyllic summer homes, quaint eateries, Museum of Modern Art, small shops and the area exudes the passion of the local surfers. Water sport enthusiasts will be very comfortable in the waters of Isshiki Beach as they'll be surrounded by fellow kayakers, swimmers and wind surfers.

Weekends are obviously peak beach outing times so it would be wise to leave early in order to snag a good spot on the sand away from the public toilets and children's sand castles near the water's edge. Thatched huts line the white sands where inside beach goers can grab some grub, buy some beer or relax with a soothing massage. Rental showers (bring your own shampoo/soap) are available for 500-yen. In some of the more spacious huts you'll notice a collective of bikini-clad women in downward dog; yoga sessions are available and open to the public. Use your towel as your mat and join in.

Hayama's Imperial Villa faces the beach and is the wintertime getaway destination for the Emperor and his family. Of course, the grounds are patrolled year round. Pleasantly enough, the guards are happy to greet each passerby.

Isshiki Beach is known for its scenic views and it tends to be less busy than the other popular beach options. Here you will actually be able to have some comfortable space each group of friends or family. Bring with your cooler packed with snacks and drinks because it will be cheaper than buying such items on the beach (and more convenient).

Getting there

To access Isshiki Beach, take the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Zushi station​. (Zushi is actually home to its own, less-picturesque beach but makes for another suitable beach getaway.) At the station's bus terminal, hop on the number 12 bus from stop three, heading to Hayama (葉山). Disembark at Isikikaigan (一色海岸) and from here follow the narrow dirt paths to the beach. You'll know you are in the right place because almost everyone alights at this stop and beelines for the sandy paradise.

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