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Kamakura Sausage

A perfect “meet-up spot” near the station’s West Exit

After a morning of walking around Kamakura enjoying the delights of her many temples and shrines, you might find yourself famished. For 350 yen and five minutes of your time, Kamakura Sausage House is a good bet. Just order from the takeout window and enjoy it while you stand, eat, and people-watch. Or you can step inside, sit down and enjoy your sausage with a glass of cold beer in the summer (or hot wine in the winter) and other items on the menu.

Kamakura Sausage sits just seconds from the West Exit of JR Kamakura Station, where the Enoden Line exit also is. The windows are large, so you can also people-watch from inside as well. In fact, because of its location and the big windows and low prices, it is an absolutely perfect meet-up place.

My ancestors immigrated to New York from Bavaria in Germany around 150 years ago. This past summer, my wife and I visited relatives who still live there. One branch of the family runs a sausage shop in Wurzburg. They make and sell their own sausage, and let me tell you — wow, they are delicious! The sausage at this shop here in Kamakura isn’t quite at that level, but I have to admit, they are pretty darn good.

These sausages are all locally made. Just inside the door of the shop is a large refrigerated display of all kinds of sausages, selling for around 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen each.

Interestingly, the store also holds sausage-making workshops! One such workshop just happened to be in full swing the other day when I was there. Apparently, if you have a group of three or more people interested, they will run a private workshop for you. 3500 yen covers the cost of the materials, ingredients and the teacher’s time. As I watched the sausage-making lesson taking place from outside looking in, two of the students came out to the street for a short break. I eavesdropped on them as they spoke together about their experience. It seems that making sausage is a lot harder than it looks: They were bushed!

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