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Kamakura Walks

Fragments of the traditional city

Kamakura is one of the most touristy places in Japan. On my first visit, I was guided to such places as Asakusa, Mt. Fuji, and Kamakura. Of course, I took the photos of the main sights, such as the temples, shrines, and statues. But, I was fascinated very much with the more simpler and common things around – trees, details, small views and fragments. Therefore, I have many photos that offer a full impression of the places.

Kamakura was the first place where I saw a traditional Japanese garden, small statues of Jizo, bamboo, huge pines, and the ocean. I immediately liked Kamakura for its comfortable size and instead of a souvenir hunt, I went to spend some time on the beach. In the middle of September, it was still rather hot and many people were sailing or swimming.

I would recommend to visit Kamakura for two days and explore it with no rush as it’s really worth to visit, especially on a warm sunny day!