Kanagawa's Mitsuike Park, Tsurumi

Where a wonderland of colors awaits you

By Ramon Geoffrey Evangelista    - 1 min read

Living in the city can sometimes have its toll on a person. With our dreary, daily monotonous habits, there are moments in which we wish for even just a little color in our lives. Enter, Mitsuike Park. Said to be one of the 100 best hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots in Japan, you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment to spare. Go with friends to celebrate your hard work over the year! Or even just go for a quick jog or hike up its small hills. Rest assured, you will definitely have a good time!

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Ramon Geoffrey Evangelista

Ramon Geoffrey Evangelista @ramon.geoffrey.evangelista

I entered the land of the rising sun a while back in 2011, and have been working as a salaryman ever since. Still, this doesn't mean that I don't manage to get around. My friends know me as an avid food and travel fan, and there are a couple of days, when we would just explore what Japan has to offer.And let me tell you, from a foreigner's eyes such as myself, Japan truly is beauty, and this beauty can be found even in the most uncommon of places. For people like me that only have such a short time during weekends to relax, I am here to show you that there are alternatives to the famed Kyoto or Osaka. Let me take you on a journey!