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Oakhouse Comfort Tama Plaza

A luxury guesthouse experience in Yokohama

There are typically relatively limited options for those looking to stay abroad for more than a couple weeks, but that is all beginning to change. Throughout Japan, Oakhouse runs guesthouses for students, job hunters seeking to make a change and those looking to do some extended tourism. In Kanagawa Prefecture somewhere between Tokyo and Yokohama lies Comfort Tama Plaza, one of Oakhouses best examples of exceptional guesthouse service.

Comfort Tama Plaza (or Contama as it's affectionately known) is an incredibly well equipped 4 story guesthouse in the Tama Plaza neighborhood of Kanagawa Prefecture, located about a half hour from both Yokohama and Shibuya by train.

The area around the guesthouse is primarily residential. That means if you're looking for somewhere to party the night away or find a great hole in the wall ramen shop at 3 in the morning Tama Plaza shouldn't be your first choice. It also means it's peaceful and relaxing, a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the major centers it's sandwiched between. It's also worth noting that ConTama is located on the slope of a rather large hill, one of many in the area, so it probably shouldn't be the first choice for anyone with a disability.

Inside, Comfort Tama Plaza provides everything someone undertaking a long stay could want and more. There are washing machines, dryers, sinks and bathrooms on every floor. On the main floor there's a large kitchen with four separate stove units and as many sinks, a large lounge area complete with a large screen television and leather upholstered seats, a reception area, a study with four desks, a small library and a large table, and a dining room. While all these facilities are excellent, there's even more in the way of outright luxury, namely a cinema room, a gym, and a groovy smoking room which the owner is particularly proud of.

Each room is equipped with a bed, a sizeable closet, a couple of cupboards and a miniature fridge. From what I could tell, every room has a small balcony for drying clothes as well, either looking out onto the street or into on the building's central courtyard. It's worth noting as well that wi-fi is inaccessible in the rooms, but there is a LAN, so bring an ethernet cord.

All in all, Comfort Tama Plaza is an excellent choice for those looking to stay in the Tokyo-Yokohama area for any extended period. It is conveniently located close to the entertainment and activity centers of the country's two biggest cities, in a neighborhood that is itself very peaceful, and extremely well equipped to meet anybody's day-to-day needs. What's more, the small but dedicated staff at Contama are extremely friendly and speak a good deal of English, so you shouldn't let the language barrier influence your decision in the slightest.

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