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Oakhouse Accommodation

Shared house in Tokyo neighbourhood, Higashikoganei

Tucked away in the peaceful and friendly neighborhood of Higashi Koganei is Oakhouse accomodation: Higako Sports.  Higashi Koganei itself is a lovely neighborhood with a fantastic park nearby, quaint local restaurants, and even home to Studio Ghibli. With Higako Sports center just 15 minutes from the main station and a twenty minute train journey into Shinjuku, it is very easy to access Tokyo's most loved spots! There are also some lovely neighborhoods just around the corner such as the trendy neighborhood of Kichijoji.

Apart from its great location, Oakhouse's Higako Sports center has some absolutely fantastic amenities. The features include tennis and basketball courts, studios for yoga and dance, Japanese style bathtub for post work out relaxation, communal office, exceptional kitchen and living room area, pool tables, and more. While these are all excellent, one of the best features of Higako Sports house is its friendly and communal atmosphere. This really is the perfect place to stay if you are new to Tokyo or just want a nice, affordable accommodation. While there are many people in the shared house, it still manages to feel peaceful and it never gets too noisy. Most of the people staying at Higako Sports are young, foreign professionals. 

The managers are very friendly and helpful. The prices run from  ¥52,000 to  ¥74,000 a month which is very good considering all of the houses features. There is a ¥30,000 administrative expense; however there is no deposit required and you are able to stay a minimum of one month. If you are looking for a place to stay in Tokyo (especially as a foreigner), I would highly recommend looking into Higako sports center or other Oakhouse Accommodations.

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Find out more about Oakhouse: Social Residence Higashi Koganei.

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