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Round1 Spocha Kawasaki

The place to go for unconventional overnight fun

Round1 Spocha Kawasaki offers some unconventional overnight fun for groups of friends. At Spocha, an overnight package price of 1680-1880 yen (depending on the day and if you're entitled to student discounts) enables you to try a variety of sports: basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer, baseball, just to name a few. Arcade games and other interesting stations such as rodeo and kickboxing are also included. When tired, recharge at the massage corner. The entertainment options are endless! So, instead of clubbing or drinking on a Friday night, go to Round1 Spocha Kawasaki for a change! Nearest station: Sangyodoro on the Keikyu Daishi Line, an hour away from Tokyo city center with the rapid trains!

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