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Zama Sunflower Festival

550,000 sunflowers bloom in Zama

By Carrie Jacobs    - 1 min read
Venue: Kurihara & Zama When: Mid Aug 2021

Zama's city flower is the sunflower. In late July through August more than 550,000 flowers bloom and the city celebrates with a two-part festival.

During the festival, you can enjoy music and entertainment, eat yummy food and buy farm-fresh produce. Sample sunflower pasta, crackers and beverages. You can purchase an array of products, from Sunflower seeds to Sunflower beer, cider and shochu. This is fun for the whole family and a community event not to be missed.

The festival is held in 2 locations, including Kurihara (late July) and Zama (mid-August).

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Carrie Jacobs

Carrie Jacobs @carriel.n.jacobs

Hailing from Portland Oregon, I am a recent transplant to Zama, Japan here in Kanagawa. Having worked for a high school international exchange organization for close to 8 years, I'm inspired by all things intercultural and love to travel! When in a new country I am like a sponge, absorbing as much cultural nuisance and norm as possible.Though I leave room for spontaneity during an outing or trip, I utterly enjoy doing advanced research; reading reviews of hotels, restaurants and sites to visit. I'm involved with Japan Tourist because I'd like to share my observations and recommendations with locals and travelers alike.

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
More than 500,000 flowers! Makes you wonder the work it took to plant and grow them!
Elena Lisina a year ago
Cheerful flower! And the festival sounds really nice!
Carrie Jacobs Author 8 years ago
Hello Svrk Prabhakar, The sunflowers are definitely still blooming! If you go next weekend, you will also catch the Zama Sunflower festival, though the location is different. I'm happy you like the can see more on Facebook on the 'I love Zama' page.
Svrk Prabhakar 8 years ago
Hi, I was directed by one of my friends to your article and I am very much inspired to go here this weekend! I was contemplating to go to Nirasaki in Yamanashi but it would be too far and costly. Do you think the sunflowers are still beautiful for photography this weekend (tomorrow 11th Aug). Thanks a lot for those wonderful photos.