Taiwan Festival

An event celebrating Taiwanese culture in Yokohama

By Kim    - 1 min read
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse When: Mid - Late Mar 2021

You'll find one thing almost always woven into the culture of a country - their food. The Taiwan Festival at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses puts a big emphasis on this, with a range of delicious eats available for attendees to enjoy. There will be everything from beef noodles and soup dumplings to oyster vermicelli and the iconic bubble tea...and that's just the beginning!

To add to the tasty eats on offer, the venue will take on a Taiwan night market vibe, with a number of fun stall games for both adults and children to enjoy.

Getting there

By Public Transport

If you're visiting the event via public transport, the closest stations are Bashamichi (8 minutes away on foot) and Nihon Odori (6 minutes away on foot) on the Minatomirai Line.

By Private Vehicle

If you elect to drive, there are a number of multi-story parking lots available in the streets surrounding the venue.

More info

Find out more about Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.

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Kim @kim.b

I'm an expat who has lived abroad for almost a decade, including 7 years in Japan. I've also visited 44 of 47 prefectures and hope to get to the last three someday! I'm particularly fond of exploring off the beaten path destinations, gardens, and tea houses, and have a real interest in Japan's growing vegan scene.

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Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Geez, that looks good.
Elena Lisina a year ago
Looks tasty! When I visited USA I always chose Chinese cuisine or Mexican, but burgers with a lot of side dishes didn't fit me at all. In Japan I can eat almost anything!
Sherilyn Siy a year ago
Hong Shao Rou!!!! 红烧肉 I miss this sooooo much!
Kim Author a year ago
We ate ourselves silly when we went to Taiwan...amazing cuisine!!