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Yokosuka's Tsukuihama Kankou Nouen

Eat wonderfully fresh fruits...as you pick them!

Would you like to eat as much freshly picked fruits like strawberries as you like? Located just an hour away from the city of Yokohama, on the southern tip of Miura Peninsula lies an agricultural area that provides perfect conditions to grow various types of vegetables and fruits.

Just as you get off the train, you will notice there is a sign for the pick-up location, but that bus only comes on the weekends. We didn’t wait for the bus or look at the schedule, as it was a pleasant day to walk. We walked for about twenty minutes following a brook and enjoying the scenery of the farm land, but be careful of those occasional muddy areas. I recommend wearing good walking shoes if you intend on walking to the farm.

When you arrive and buy your ticket (prices vary depending on the month) you will also get assigned a greenhouse. At the entrance to the green house you will exchange your ticket for a plastic container with two cup holes in it; one hole for condensed milk (delicious with strawberries!) and the other for the stems of the fruit. If you ever run out of condensed milk and you still have time, you can ask for a refill at the door (or bring your own) or you can just eat the strawberries as is. They are naturally sweet, and very addicting if you ask me!

At this point, I was surprised that the greenhouse I was assigned to was not crowded. There are plenty of aisles to walk along and search for the perfect berry that catches the eye. I learned that if I tug the strawberries and there is much resistance, it’s not quite ripe yet. When the strawberry is ripe it will come off with just a little tug.

Tsukuihama Kankou Nouen is a tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) allowing you to eat as much as you want within 30 minutes. They work on an honor-based system, so it's up to you to keep track of the time. Depending on the given season, you can choose from strawberries (which you can start to enjoy from December) or mikans (tangerines) and sweet potato digging during the autumn, or melons in the summer.

There is a park in the middle of the farm where you can enjoy a picnic lunch or just stretch out your legs and enjoy the country side atmosphere!

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