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Views of Fuji From Lake Ashi

A freshwater pictured with glorious Mount Fuji

As one of the closest areas to Mount Fuji, it's no wonder Hakone Shrine has the most dramatic view of the iconic mountain in Japan, a Cherry Blossom country. The scenery is from Lake Ashi, a blue lake formed 3,000 years ago.

At that time, the weather was pretty nice. It was cold as it was in December, but there was no sign of rain. Nevertheless, there was a blanket of clouds. So when we arrived at the edge of Lake Ashi, all I could see was the splendid blue freshwater with the touch of scarlet red from Hakone Shrine Torii Portal at the very end. Mount Fuji that I had been waiting for was covered with clouds.

Of course, I was not giving up so easily. I kept waiting though the piercing wind was inevitable. Eventually, a blanket of clouds was petered out and Mount Fuji started showing its glorious sight before my eyes. At the end, my agony was worth it.

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