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Waking Up To Mt. Fuji in Kamakura

Gorgeous pink Mt. Fuji viewed from a hotel room window

In late February I visited Kamakura to see Mt. Fuji under the blue sky. Unfortunately, when I arrived at Kamakura Prince Hotel it was already dark and stormy, so I couldn't see anything on the first day. On the next day, I happened to wake up very early at 6 A.M.. I closed my eyes to return to sleep, then remembered I was in Kamakura to see Mt. Fuji! I jumped out of my bed, opened the curtains and found A PINK MOUNT FUJI! 'Is this so-called Aka-Fuji (Red Fuji)?', I wondered. In fact I didn't care if it was red or pink. I grabbed my camera and took many photos of it. To my dismay the sky was hazy and the view was unclear. Nonetheless I was happy to have fulfilled my purpose - to see Mt. Fuji!