Yokohama's Cup Noodles Museum

Good for the Soul

 By Aly Lawson   Oct 1, 2013

People usually have a favorite from their travels thus far in life. A destination on a pedestal until it’s knocked off by a new gem. Both Japanese and tourists alike tend to find the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama to be that special spot, however temporary. Be sure to snap pictures every step of the way. The big Cup Noodles cup with the little chicken on top is a great first photo opp in front of the wide wooden staircase. As you make your way, you’ll remember why inventors are so cool—why the rest of us are jealous of their ability to never give up as well as glad to have been graced with their inventions.

Photography by Aly Lawson
Japan Travel Member

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Christina Oshima 2 years ago
Nice pictures! I lived in Yokohama for one year but unfortunately I wasn`t able to visit this museum :-(
Aly Lawson Photographer 2 years ago
Thanks, Christina! You'll have to stop by if you return. =)