Yokohama's Most Romantic Spot Is...

Osanbashi Pier and its spectacular sunsets

By Larry Knipfing   Jun 21, 2014

Yokohama's most romantic place to hang out? No contest. Definitely Osanbashi Pier. And even if you're alone, with your family or friends, it's still beautiful, and still romantic. I was there on a warm evening in mid-June. During the day, the sky was a deep blue, with a few wisps of clouds here and there. Then the magic began. At around 6:30 the blue turned to yellow as the sun dipped down behind the Minato Mirai skyline. Then, there was a soft pink in the sky. The pink eventually turned to bright orange and red. And finally a spectacular deep purple, as the sky darkened. Then...WOW...a new show began - the magical night time skyline! So even if you aren't lucky enough to catch a gorgeous sunset, there is still plenty of magic to be had!

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Larry Knipfing Photographer 3 years ago
Yes, this is one of the best times of the year to catch those romantic Yokohama sunsets!