Yokohama's Most Romantic Spot Is...

Osanbashi Pier and its spectacular sunsets

By Larry Knipfing    - 1 min read

Yokohama's most romantic place to hang out? No contest. Definitely Osanbashi Pier. And even if you're alone, with your family or friends, it's still beautiful, and still romantic. I was there on a warm evening in mid-June. During the day, the sky was a deep blue, with a few wisps of clouds here and there. Then the magic began. At around 6:30 the blue turned to yellow as the sun dipped down behind the Minato Mirai skyline. Then, there was a soft pink in the sky. The pink eventually turned to bright orange and red. And finally a spectacular deep purple, as the sky darkened. Then...WOW...a new show began - the magical night time skyline! So even if you aren't lucky enough to catch a gorgeous sunset, there is still plenty of magic to be had!

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