Sunflowers in Kochi

Golden fields just a short drive from Kochi City

By Bronwyn O'Neill    - 1 min read

Golden fields await you in mid-June in Tosa, just a short drive from Kochi City.

Along the riverbank have been planted sprawling fields of sunflowers, basking in the heat of early Japanese summer. The central mountains of Shikoku form a beautiful blue backdrop that contrasts against the flowers' brilliant yellow. The fields are a joy to behold, and you might be lucky enough to spot a VW campervan or two. It's a great slice of rural Kochi and definitely appeals to any free spirits and fans of agricultural tourism. If you're doing a Shikoku road-trip in early summer, this would be an enjoyable pit-stop on the way between Kochi City and surfing near Cape Ashiz.

It was a busy Sunday when we visited, with lots of families and young children. Viewing the sunflowers doesn't cost a thing, and the parking is also free. Visitors can cut their own bunch of sunflowers to take home for just ¥100.

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Bronwyn O'Neill

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