Ashikita Sashiki Farmers Market

Dekopon, Sangria and Kumamon

By Yui Yamaguchi    - 1 min read

Most school children know that Kumamoto is famous for its watermelons, but there is another fruit that is putting this farmland prefecture on the map. Dekopon, a citrus with a funny hair bun like head, has a fragrance and character that keeps you coming back for more.

The Ashikita Dekopon Farmer's Market is known for its local fresh seafood, nursery and handmade pottery, as well as wine, fruits and ice cream. From Sangria to handmade folk pottery, as well as all things to do with Kumamon, the bear mascot for Kumamoto Prefecture, this market has an eclectic mix of global and local.

The Ashikita Farmers Market is just off the main motorway between Fukuoka and Kagoshima, on the South Coast of Kumamoto. The Amakusa Islands and the historic Utase sailing boats are just a short drive away.

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Yui Yamaguchi

Yui Yamaguchi @iyu.mura

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